About SidePlate

SidePlate Systems unites proven structural integrity with maximum design versatility through a suite of high-performance steel frame connection technologies—all successfully tested to protect against blasts, progressive collapse and earthquakes. SidePlate decreases construction time, lowers costs, exceeds building code requirements and helps preserve the environment in the process.

Developed in direct response to the devastation caused by the 1994 Northridge earthquake, award-winning SidePlate technologies are ingeniously designed to protect structures against natural and manmade disasters, including blast attacks and progressive collapse load conditions. Backed by full-scale laboratory testing for earthquake applications (UCSD), as well as unprecedented testing for blast and progressive collapse (GSA/DoD), SidePlate is proven to make steel-frame construction extraordinarily more robust, safer and more cost-effective.

Our patented technologies save money by expediting construction schedules and using less steel. At the same time, our seasoned engineers are nationally recognized for their solid history of providing the Engineer of Record with timely and unparalleled technical support, unique insight on changing code requirements, and highly effective, cost-efficient steel frame solutions that are responsive to an architect's creativity as well as increasingly more complex engineering and force protection demands.