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How Architects Work With SidePlate

SidePlate helps architects achieve maximum design versatility without sacrificing structural integrity.
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Inpatient Bed Tower Project

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Inpatient Bed Tower Project



Wentworth-Douglass Hospital


Leo A. Daly

Structural Engineer

Leo A. Daly

General Contractor

Harvey Construction Corp.


Novel Ironworks


Rose Steel


Five-story, 152,000 sf Hospital (Conventional vs. SidePlate®)

  • To engineer a moment frame that met the ever-changing demands and functions of today’s hospitals, including open floor plans with the unrestricted capability to change wall partition locations, and a long narrow footprint without the opportunity for interior shear walls
  • With an anticipated completion date more than two years after the selection of the structural framing system, rising construction costs and a down-turning economy severely restricted the project budget
  • SidePlate meant that smaller, fewer moment frames could be used than when using conventional steel moment-frame systems
  • SidePlate® saved 2.5psf in steel tonnage over conventional moment frame connections using W24x columns and 6psf using W14x columns