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How Architects Work With SidePlate

SidePlate helps architects achieve maximum design versatility without sacrificing structural integrity.
Concrete Tilt-up

Concrete Tilt-up

Mira Loma


Pacific Newport Builders, Inc.


HPA, Inc.

Structural Engineer

Kramer & Lawson, Inc.

General Contractor

Pacific Newport Builders, Inc.


Spec Iron, Inc.


Spec Iron, Inc.


One-story, 41'-High Concrete Tilt-up with 56' Interior Spans

  • Two bay-concentric braced frames created obstruction for tenant operations
  • Traditional moment frame connections required beam and column sizes that were not domestically available
  • Project budget and schedule precluded the use of other connection systems without additional testing due to SAC's imposed limitations on the extent of their prequalification
  • Four-bay steel moment frame using SidePlate® moment connections with W36x columns and W36x210 beams allowed the tenant the open space required for optimum operations
  • Use of Dogbone moment connection exceeded its 300-lb/ft beam weight limitation