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SidePlate's patented technologies save money by expediting construction schedules and using less steel.
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Bed Building Replacement

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Bed Building Replacement

San Jose


County of Santa Clara


Anshen & Allen

Structural Engineer

Rutherford + Chekene

General Contractor

Turner Construction Company


Gayle Manufacturing


California Erectors


Five-story, 196,000 sf and Six-story, 328,200 sf Hospitals (SidePlate® vs. Dogbone and Slotted Web™)

  • To create a steel moment frame solution for a torsionally sensitive building while satisfying all of the stringent 2007 CBC requirements, including the use of rho=1, to maximize economy
  • To design a steel moment frame solution given a framing layout made up of multiple short spans within the prequalified beam depth and weight limits allowed by OSHPD
  • To incorporate large cantilevers perpendicular to moment frame columns
  • The stiffness of the SidePlate® connection allowed lighter beams to be used in these short bays, meeting the span-to-depth ratio requirements as well as drift requirements. Slotted Web™ and Dogbone, meanwhile, required beams at their max capacity as far as stiffness and depth, which didn’t leave any room for potential changes during the design phase
  • SidePlate® saved 2.5psf in steel tonnage and three weeks of critical construction schedule over Slotted Web™, and 3.0psf in steel tonnage and four weeks of construction time over Dogbone
  • SidePlate® easily accommodated the large cantilever loads