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How Contractors Work With SidePlate

SidePlate's patented technologies save money by expediting construction schedules and using less steel.

Technical Information

Areas Acceptable to Field Weld to SidePlate with Proper Preheat



SidePlate connection technologies offer the only steel moment connection system to achieve:


Prequalification for IMF/SMF without additional testing in accordance with Chapter 11 of AISC 358-10, Supplement No. 2.

State of California seal

"Acceptance for Plan Review" for California Hospital(OSHPD) and School(DSA) designs (design guidelines), for any practicable combination of member sizes through a maximum beam size of W40x297, dated January 4, 2013.

Department of Defense seal

Blast and progressive collapse testing, as part of a first-ever joint civilian agency/Department of Defense Steel Frame Blast and Progressive Collapse Test Program, to investigate the behavior of conventional steel frame construction and its beam-to-column connections when subjected to high-level bomb blast and subsequent progressive collapse conditions.

SidePlate's unprecedented prequalification includes both uniaxial and biaxial dual-strong axis applications, and any combinations of wide flange, tube steel and built-up box shapes.

SidePlate® has also been selected for use on projects in multiple states from many city, county, state and federal jurisdictions, including, but not limited to:

Department of Defense, GSA, US Army Corps of Engineers, State of California, Department of the Navy and the FAA