How SidePlate is Fabricated and Erected

How SidePlate is Fabricated and Erected

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Connection Technology is Easy
to Fabricate and Erect

SidePlate steel connection technology is easy to fabricate and erect while saving 1 to 4psf in steel frame tonnage when compared to all other moment frame systems.

The steel fabrication process consists of 100% shop fillet welding in either the flat or horizontal position connecting steel plates to both steel columns and steel beams. Historically, this process resulted in the creation of column trees with beam stubs and link beams with no ultrasonic testing (UT) required in the shop. Now, the new SidePlate FRAME® (Fast, Reliable, and Master Engineered/Erected) process results in the creation of column trees with side plates and full-length beams all using fillet welds that are up to 50% smaller than before - still with no UT required in the shop. For the steel fabricator, the SidePlate FRAME® process means:

  • Up to 50% less overall shop hours than before
  • 1/4"-5/8" typical shop fillet welds
  • Elimination of beam stub welding, match marking and handling
  • Elimination of prepping beams for CJP field welding
  • Elimination of wide trucking loads

Historically, the steel erection process consisted of erecting column trees first and then connecting them with a link beam. The link beam to beam stub connection would typically consist of a complete-joint penetration (CJP) weld of the beam flanges and web. Now with the new SidePlate FRAME® breakthrough, a full-length beam is lifted up into place between two pairs of side plates. The full-length beam to side plate connection typically consists of four to six A325 bolts and four horizontal position fillet welds. For the steel erector, the SidePlate FRAME® process means:

  • 100% fillet welding (Easier & Faster)
  • No UT inspections
  • Elimination of heavy column trees
  • Minimizes weld shrinkage effects (i.e. weld shrinkage of the 4 horizontal fillet welds are transverse to the beam length)
  • Minimizes fall hazards because all decking can be tacked and the 4 fillet welds subsequently welded

Click on the link below for a Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® presentation illustrating a representative sequence of the steel fabrication and erection process.

How SidePlate is Fabricated & Erected Preview
Fabrication is predictable and fast

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