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How Fabricators Work With SidePlate

We ensure that our technologies continue to be the strongest, safest and most cost-effective available.

SidePlate connection technologies are typically selected by the project architect or structural engineer on a broad spectrum of projects that demand one or more of the following criteria:

  • A shorter construction schedule or lower overall construction cost
  • Maximum usable or lease-able space
  • Future floor plan flexibility (no diagonal bracing)
  • Tall story heights or large bay widths
  • Bomb and progressive collapse mitigation
  • OSHPD or DSA approval

SidePlate engineers are widely recognized as specialized steel connection consultants who work closely with Structural Engineers of Record (SEOR). SidePlate provides steel frame design expertise and technical assistance in the optimization, modeling and analysis of every project’s global lateral load resisting frames using our extensive accumulation of structural steel connection solutions all at no cost to the SEOR.

SidePlate also works closely with steel fabricators/erectors to ensure that a top quality product is constructed using the most cost-effective means and methods available. SidePlate's license fee is included in fabricator's bid per SidePlate structural notes. The fee is paid by the fabricator awarded the project during construction.

For design/building teams, SidePlate offers value engineering services to provide the maximum competitive advantage.

SEORs typically coordinate with SidePlate throughout the design and construction phases—meaning architects continue to use the SEOR as their primary contact.