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Sea-Tac Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)

Sea-Tac Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)

Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport


Department of Transportation/Federal Aviation Administration


URS Greiner / Woodward Clyde

Structural Engineer

URS Greiner / Woodward Clyde

General Contractor

PCL Construction Services, Inc.


XL Iron Works Surrey,BC,Canada


Pacific Erectors


265’ Air Traffic Control Tower Using Antiterrorist Bomb Blast Security Criteria

“The professional help from SidePlate® was beyond expectation. ‘That’ made a difference.”

– Silvano Patrignani,

XL Ironworks

  • To satisfy the FAA’s Antiterrorist Bomb Blast Security Criteria using a braced dual system for the steel frame tower for improved economics and security
  • Project budget and schedule precluded the use of other connection systems without additional testing due to SAC’s imposed limitations on the extent of their prequalification
  • SidePlate’s unique versatility allowed the use of its SureBrace2™ connection system, which combines a moment frame with a super X-braced SCBF connection system to take advantage of unlimited column depth prequalification (W27x cruciform column used) for maximum economy and robustness.