What Is SidePlate?

Technical Information


SidePlate connection technologies offer the only steel moment connection system to achieve:


Prequalification for IMF/SMF without additional testing in accordance with Chapter 11 of AISC 358-10, Supplement No. 2.

State of California seal

"Acceptance for Plan Review" for California Hospital(OSHPD) and School(DSA) designs (design guidelines), for any practicable combination of member sizes through a maximum beam size of W40x297, dated January 4, 2013.

Department of Defense seal

Blast and progressive collapse testing, as part of a first-ever joint civilian agency/Department of Defense Steel Frame Blast and Progressive Collapse Test Program, to investigate the behavior of conventional steel frame construction and its beam-to-column connections when subjected to high-level bomb blast and subsequent progressive collapse conditions.

SidePlate's unprecedented prequalification includes both uniaxial and biaxial dual-strong axis applications, and any combinations of wide flange, tube steel and built-up box shapes.

SidePlate® has also been selected for use on projects in multiple states from many city, county, state and federal jurisdictions, including, but not limited to:

Department of Defense, GSA, US Army Corps of Engineers, State of California, Department of the Navy and the FAA