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SidePlate Testimonials

SidePlate Systems continues to attract leading professionals and building owners on the cutting edge of the steel frame construction and design world. The following are quotes from some of our esteemed clients.

"Everyone benefits from using SidePlate. The owner will get a better building for less money. The fabricator and erector will benefit from the material savings and erection ease. The structural engineer will find it simple to design and detail the structure with the support and help from the SidePlate staff. In the end, all of the players are winners".

- Steve Punch, S.E., Lockwood Greene

"I was in a very difficult situation when we couldn't get the heavier steel columns required by a dogbone design in time for start of construction. SidePlate Systems helped us out of this jam by allowing our team to use a 50% lighter column with their patented SidePlate steel frame connection design. We ended up saving a significant amount of time and money and we were able to stay right on schedule."

- Michael McManus, Vice President, Caruso Affiliated Holdings

"Some professionals may overlook SidePlate because it is a patented technology. However, the best part of being patented is that the most effective design is achieved on each project compared to connection design being done by someone different on each project. In addition to providing connection design, SidePlate Systems supplies expert assistance in economical sizing of members."

- Frank Bole, S.E., Bole & Wilson

"For projects that require a higher standard of care, there is no question that SidePlate is the way to go. They have a proven track record of past performance and implementation for Hospital projects that are reviewed by OSHPD. SidePlate's direct involvement in the design and implementation of their design onto our construction documents makes my job much easier, and provides me with a higher level of quality control."

- Donald Orie, S.E., Simon Wong Engineering

"The professional help from SidePlate was beyond expectation, 'that' made a difference."

- Silvano Patrignani, X L Ironworks

"Using SidePlate was a smart choice...probably the most outstanding aspect is their innovative design which looks at the connection as it would actually perform under real loads, not the idealized problems presented in undergraduate design courses, which is how virtually all engineers approach the design".

- David Bogosian, Karagozian & Case Structural Engineers

"On the U.S. Navy's new design-build Pacific Command Center, we integrated SidePlate connection technology to meet the owner's Antiterrorist Progressive Floor Collapse objectives with minimal changes to the steel frame design governed by local wind and seismic loads, resulting in a cost-effective solution that brought the project in under the Navy's budget.".

- Dan Arana, Dick Pacific Construction, Ltd.

"SidePlate Systems not only provides thorough construction documents, but also assists the fabricator in preparing shop drawings and the engineer in the field. They have always taken the extra steps to resolve any design or construction issues and they commit to the quality of work while under tight budget and schedule."

- J.C. Lian, S.E., J.C. Lian Associates