How SidePlate Saves Time & Money


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Project Savings
Commercial Building
Pineville, NC
DoD Pacific Command Center
Oahu, HI
Overlake Hospital
Bellevue, WA
Wentworth-Douglas Hospital
Dover, NH
Federal Courthouse
Jackson, MS

Continues to save up to 1-4psf in Total Steel Tonnage

  • 20-40% lighter beams due to use of full-depth side plates & rigid panel zones
  • Up to 60% lighter columns due to use of deep columns

Requires 50% Less Shop Labor Than Before

  • Up to 50% Smaller Fillet Welds
  • Full-length Beams have eliminated beam stub welding and handling

Shorter Construction Schedule

  • No CJP Welding
  • No U.T. Inspection
  • Up to 50% Fewer Moment Connections Required
  • Ease & speed of erection = open for business sooner & save on construction loan interest paid

Bottom Line:
SidePlate Saves Net 7-15% ($1-$4/sf)
in Steel Fabrication/Erection Costs!