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Behavioral & Social Sciences Building

Behavioral & Social Sciences Building

San Bernardino


California State University San Bernardino



Structural Engineer

J.C. Lian Associates

General Contractor

Soltek Pacific


Maya Steel Fabrications, Inc.


Bickerton Iron


Five-story, 139,000 sf Classroom Building Using the 1997 UBC on a Pre-Northridge Design

  • To revive a pre-Northridge steel frame design while maintaining, unchanged, the A/MEP functional design, and satisfying the 1997 UBC redundancy and drift requirements using a moment frame lateral system
  • Post-Northridge uncertainties affecting moment connection reliability continued despite SAC’s efforts.
  • SidePlate’s unique versatility allowed the use of both our uniaxial SureFrame™ and biaxial dual-strong axis SureFrame2™ prequalified solutions, thus allowing a six-year-old project to be built within budget
  • SidePlate’s inherent increased connection stiffness, coupled with its unique advantage of unlimited column depth prequalification (W36x260 max size used), satisfied the challenge