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Sherman Oaks Galleria Phase II

Sherman Oaks Galleria Phase II

Sherman Oaks


Douglas Emmett Company



Structural Engineer

KPFF Consulting Engineers

General Contractor

Peck Jones Construction


Schuff Steel Company


Schuff Steel Company


Four-story, 360,000 sf Commercial Building with a 42’ High 4th Floor

  • To meet structural and drift requirements for an elevated 42’ story height between the 3rd floor and main roof due to theater stadium seating requirements without the need for mid-story height framing
  • Project budget and schedule precluded the use of other connection systems without additional testing due to SAC’s imposed limitations on the extent of their prequalification
  • SidePlate’s inherently increased connection stiffness, coupled with its unique advantage of unlimited column depth prequalification (W36x393 max size used), satisfied the challenge
  • Use of Dogbone moment connection exceeded its 300-lb/ft beam weight limitation