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Pacific Command Headquarters

Pacific Command Headquarters

Camp H.M. Smith, Oahu


US Navy


Atkins Benham, Inc.

Structural Engineer

Atkins Benham, Inc. & Baldridge and Associates

General Contractor

Dick Pacific Construction Company, Ltd.


Brooklyn Iron Works, Inc.


Swanson Steel Company, Inc.


Six-story, 320,000 sf Naval Headquarters (Concrete vs. Steel) using DoD Progressive Collapse Design Guidelines.

“On the U.S. Navy’s new design-build Pacific Command Center, we integrated SidePlate™ connection technology to meet the owner’s Antiterrorist Progressive Floor
Collapse objectives with minimal changes to the steel frame design governed by local wind and seismic loads, resulting in a cost-effective solution that brought the project in under the Navy’s budget.”

– Dan Arana

Dick Pacific Construction, Ltd

  • To provide a steel frame solution that was more economical than the proposed concrete building in the RFP
  • To create the first steel frame building to satisfy DoD’s new Progressive Floor Collapse “missing column and missing beam” Bomb Blast design criteria
  • SidePlate® connection technology saved the U.S. Navy well over $2,000,000 over other concrete proposals due to its unique ability to:
  • Take advantage of unlimited column depth prequalification (W18x175 max size used) coupled with its inherent increased connection stiffness resulting in a total steel weight less than 10 psf
  • Satisfy Progressive Floor Collapse design criteria without construction cost impact