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Palomar Recycled Water Booster Station

Palomar Recycled Water Booster Station

San Diego




Krieger & Stewart

Structural Engineer

MHP, Inc.

General Contractor

Schuler Eng.


Remco Steel


Remco Steel


One-story, 30’ High, 150’x52’ Essential Facility with 15’-High 8” CMU Walls

  • To meet SMF code requirements while coupled with limited space for lateral frame layout and functionality of pumps
  • Increased height to allow internal overhead crane positioning for repair and/or replacement of pump(s) while other(s) are still in operation
  • To ensure that the facility would remain in operation during and after the worst imaginable circumstances (ie severe ground motion)
  • ICCES-ESR 1275 prequalified biaxial SidePlate® moment frame connections (using a cruciform column) minimized the amount of space needed and satisfied the code criteria
  • SidePlate’s biaxial moment frames allowed designers to effectively place columns around the pumps and add tracks for the overhead crane
  • SidePlate’s stiffness ensured the most economical solution while achieving maximum code requirements
  • The use of moment frames in both directions allowed for an internal crane track attachment, which is key to repair and maintenance of the pumps