Prequalification (SidePlate PLUS)

SidePlate PLUS (SMF Field-Botled)

The SidePlate PLUS connection is prequalified by IAPMO ER 525 with amendments by the State of California and the City of Los Angeles.

The SidePlate PLUS connection is also prequalified by AISC 358-16 Supplement 1, Chapter 11.

SidePlate Welded OSHPD (SMF Field-Welded)

The SidePlate Welded OSHPD connection is prequalified by AISC 358-10 Supplement 2 and newer, Chapter 11 with amendments by OSHPD for use in California Hospitals.

SidePlate Prequalified Connection Limits

Figure E8 - SidePlate Prequalified Connection Limits - PDF Link