Supporting Successful Structural Steel Design Projects

In today’s highly competitive building design market, it can be challenging for an engineering firm to build and maintain strong structural steel design expertise. SidePlate® brings valuable lateral steel design resources and technology, at no cost to your team. We serve as your 3rd party engineering resource at no impact to your project budget. This enables you to:

  • Conserve and utilize billable hours on other aspects of the project
  • Train and expand the lateral steel design expertise of less experienced engineers
  • Provide a lower cost lateral framing alternative that significantly reduces the steel tonnage and construction time compared to conventional moment frame designs.
  • Engineer a superior, strong building that can meet the requirements of even the most complex architectural design.
  • Deliver design flexibility to accommodate future floor plan use, maximizing usable or lease-able space
  • Validate your design approach

How does SidePlate work with You?

SidePlate typically works closely with the Structural Engineer of Record (SEOR) to optimize, model, analyze, and optimize the project's lateral resisting system. Project files including drawings, models and design criteria are emailed to your SidePlate Regional Engineer for review.

Step 1: We review the criteria and optimize the building's lateral system with a SidePlate design.  If desired, we can create a side-by-side cost comparison.

Step 2: Typically, within 2 days, we return to you the lateral connection design, detailing the SidePlate connections. In addition, we generate a schedule for inclusion and/or coordination with your drawings. 

Step 3: The SidePlate system is noted on your drawings along with instructions to the general contractor on how to apply for the licensing fee. This fee is then paid for by the fabricator and is included in their bid to the general contractor.

Step 4: SidePlate works closely with the fabricator and erector to ensure the SidePlate System is successfully implemented both through site visits to the fabricator as well as field visits during construction.

All SidePlate designs have been tested and certified in the laboratory and proven through real-life experience.  Specific certifications include DOD and GSA for blast resistance and progressive collapse, AISC 358, OSHPD and DSA and IAPMO.