Faster Steel Frame Connection Installation 

Errors, omissions and designs that don’t adequately address construction realities rear their ugly heads during the erection process. The pressure on the schedule and budget, impacts the erector by leaving less time to deliver a successful project result.

SidePlate designs are a field-bolted steel framing alternative to traditional braced and moment frame designs proven effective in over 500 buildings throughout North America. The reduction is driven by the fact that the SidePlate design eliminates vertical bracing. In addition, bolting versus welding eliminates, on-site welding and inspections for additional time savings.  Fewer connections, less material, minimal welding and less rework come together as significantly reduced erection time and cost on the jobsite and a more profitable project. 

And the SidePlate team has worked with the design and construction team throughout the project to support a successful project outcome. Our engineering team has reviewed the SEOR work, aided in the detailing and fabrication, and are available to be on site at the start of the project, to provide support for every SidePlate installation.

How does SidePlate work with You?

Step 1: SidePlate assigns a Project Manager(PM) to work closely with the fabrication team to detail and fabricate the individual connections.

Step 2: We hold a kick-off meeting with the entire steel team to answer questions, share best practices and monitor production of the SidePlate connections.

Step 3: SidePlate visits the fabricator during production.

Step 4: SidePlate visits the site for erection to support your team.

If you’d like to learn more about how SidePlate can help make your next project more profitable, then go click here to identify the Regional Engineer in your area.

Click here to go to the SidePlate YouTube page to view our informational video’s on installing The SidePlate System.