Deck Support

Deck support angles may be added to SidePlate® connections for edge and end bearing as needed (see Figure F1). Deck support angles may be added to the face of the side plate on Narrow connections. For Standard connections, the angle {G} at the top of the side plate may be extended to provide deck support. As shown in Figure F1, to allow for proper spreading of the side plates, please consult construction guidelines for notch placement. Note that in SidePlate PLUS connections, the deck support angles may not be welded within the protected zone.

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Figure F1 - Angle Extension at SidePlate PLUS – Standard and Narrow Connection

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License Fee

The SidePlate License Fee is based on overall building size, complexity and design criteria.  This Fee is typically paid by the Owner through the awarded Steel Fabricator.  Each bidding Fabricator will include the project specific fee in their bid.  The awarded fabricator will obtain the fee in their first construction draw to pay SidePlate.  This fee allows the owner to take advantage of the benefits the SidePlate design brings to the overall project.

Benefits of a SidePlate or SidePlate PLUS connection design optimization include:

  • Putting the steel where it matters
  • Reduced beam and column sizes due to stiffer connections
  • Reduced number of moment connections
  • Decreased erection time
  • Better building performance
  • SidePlate expertise

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