The SidePlate® eSTIMATE file is a useful tool to quickly and accurately determine take-off quantities for parts of the SidePlate or SidePlate PLUS connections on a particular project for estimating purposes.

The eSTIMATE file is an Excel file containing a summary list of plate weight, angle weight, bolt count, and weld sizes and lengths for the SidePlate or SidePlate PLUS Connections on a particular project.  The file also includes a breakdown of each SidePlate Connection ID and its parts.

To download the XML file for a specific project, use the project number to request the e-data on the My Projects page.

Contact your Regional Engineer or SidePlate Engineer to learn more about the tool.

Note: SidePlate also has a XML component file for Tekla and SDS/2 that can be used for Model Based Estimating.

Sample Bolt Summary

Sample Weld Summary

Sample Plate Summary

Sample Angle Summary

Sample Detailed Breakdown (Partial)



What is an eSTIMATE file?

SidePlate Systems, Inc. has created a standardized excel-based file containing detailed connection material take-off information for the SidePlate connection schedule on a project. This file uses a standard format.

Why provide an eSTIMATE file?

An eSTIMATE file simplifies the estimation process for a steel fabrication estimator, erector, and general contractor. Rather than having to do a detailed material take off based off of construction documents, the eSTIMATE file tabulates all of the necessary information. The summary page enables quick hand estimates of SidePlate connection materials and fabrication / erection labor. With some additional work, the standardized file format can be imported into steel estimating software by the fabricator or erector to make estimating a SidePlate job more efficient and accurate.

How is an eSTIMATE file obtained for a project?

The eSTIMATE file for a project can be requested on the My Projects page using the project number and submittal number provided on the SidePlate General Notes of the project drawings. A link to download the eSTIMATE file will be provided in the automated email that you receive from SidePlate.  If you have any issues or questions, contact SidePlate at (949)238-8900.

Where is the Summary?

Scroll to the right of the desired tab to view the summary.

What information is included in the eSTIMATE files?

There are two tabs contained in the eSTIMATE file – SHOP & FIELD and FIELD ONLY. The SHOP & FIELD tab will typically be utilized by the Fabricator, with the FIELD ONLY tab isolating the information that the Erector will need for budgeting/estimating. The SHOP & FIELD tab has notes included in them AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FILE reminding the user as to what is and what is not included in the Estimate file.
• For specific definitions of what is included in the SHOP & FIELD tab, refer to Attachment 1.
• For specific definitions of what is included in the FIELD ONLY tab, refer to Attachment 2.

What information is NOT included in the eSTIMATE file?

  • ALL gravity and lateral beam/column takeoffs.
  • ALL connections not related to the SidePlate system (i.e. column splices, base plates, perpendicular framing to the side plates, etc.).
  • SidePlate connections (on a Miscellaneous Detail Page) uniquely designed for the project to accommodate braces, cap plates, wind screens or supplemental plates required for cantilever and drag details.