SidePlate brings patented, award-winning, steel connection technology, related detailing software tools and highly experienced structural engineering professionals to every step of the design and construction process for a structural steel building. From project conception to construction, we are focused on helping our clients deliver innovative and economical building project outcomes. Quite simply put, we aren’t doing our jobs if we aren’t helping you achieve your business results.

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Building Owner

SidePlate’s state-of-the-art steel frame design approach has been proven effective on over 550 steel projects throughout North America, saving tens of millions of dollars in construction costs. The results speak for themselves: buildings that are more structurally efficient and can accommodate today's open, more flexible floor plans. 

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In today’s highly competitive building design market, it can be challenging for an A/E firm to build and maintain strong structural steel design expertise.  SidePlate® brings valuable lateral steel design resources and technology that can help you deliver a successful structural steel building project, at no cost to your team.

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General Contractor

SidePlate understands that competition has never been stronger, budget and project schedules tighter or labor availability and skill scarcer…all putting pressure on project profitability and building results.  SidePlate's steel frame connection systems result in more efficient structures, saving on construction cost through less steel and reducing fabrication and erection time.  

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SidePlate has partnered with fabricators on more than 550 buildings across North America.  We work directly with our fabricator clients to evaluate our lower-cost alternative to traditional moment frame or braced frame designs and stay involved to help all the way through project completion.  Our software tools, combined with the knowledge and experience of the SidePlate team, strengthens the fabricator’s detailing, estimating and fabrication process. 

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Errors, omissions and designs that don’t adequately address construction realities rear their ugly heads during the erection process. The pressure on the schedule and budget impacts the erector by leaving less time to deliver a successful project result. SidePlate® connection designs are an accepted, lower-cost steel framing alternative to traditional braced and moment frame designs proven effective in over 550 buildings throughout North America. 

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