Superior Project Outcomes

SidePlate’s state-of-the-art steel frame design approach has been proven effective on over 550 steel projects throughout North America, saving tens of millions of dollars in construction costs. The results speak for themselves: buildings that are more structurally efficient and can accommodate today's open, more flexible floor plans. And both our laboratory testing and real-world experience shows that our method is stronger, providing a safer, more resilient building that will sustain less damage in the event of a significant seismic, weather or terror event. 

How does SidePlate work with You?

At any point in the preliminary or detailed design phase, any project team member can contact SidePlate to review the design concept, and we will develop a SidePlate design for comparison. Our experts provide a valuable 3rd-party review to assure the project utilizes the most structurally and cost-effective design. This is all done at no cost to the engineer or architect.

Once the SidePlate design is chosen for the project, we work with the structural engineer and develop detailed drawings that get included with the contract documents for bidding. SidePlate then works with the winning steel fabricator to detail the steel connections and finalize the shop drawings. Our fee is included in the fabricators' bids, and most often this fee is significantly less than the savings we've brought to the project.

Why not give us a call today to see how we can enhance your peace of mind that your next building project will deliver a superior project outcome.