Innovative Frame Connections Support Profitable Project Delivery

SidePlate has partnered with fabricators on more than 550 buildings across North America.  We work directly with our fabricator clients to evaluate our lower-cost alternative to traditional moment frame or braced frame designs and stay involved to help all the way through project completion.  Our software tools, combined with the knowledge and experience of the SidePlate team, strengthens the fabricator’s detailing, estimating and fabrication process.  SidePlate designs are more efficient than conventional, equipping our fabricator clients to:

  • Bring innovative alternatives to their contractor and owner clients.
  • Improve their bid competitiveness due to less material, fewer connections, less rework.
  • Improve estimating accuracy, making for more accurate project estimates.
  • Be more profitable.

SidePlate® steel connection designs are an accepted, lower-cost alternative to traditional braced or moment frame designs proven effective in over 90M square feet of hospitals, airport, universities, commercial, industrial and entertainment facilities.

How does SidePlate work with You?

If you have received drawings specifying SidePlate, then...

Step 1: Proceed to our "License Fees/Software" portal located at the top right corner of our site, or contact the SidePlate Regional Engineer in your area for more information. The portal will walk you through the process of completing the licensing process and the transfer of project files and information. If SidePlate is not specified on your drawings, then contact your Regional Engineer to review the project and see what SidePlate can offer.

Step 2: A SidePlate Project Manager is assigned to your project, and our engineering team will provide you with a detailed Excel estimating file for the SidePlate connections. We will also provide an XML file for modeling/estimating in TEKLA and SDS/2.

Step 3: We offer to visit the fabrication shop during production to help answer questions and be efficient. 

Step 4: We offer to visit the site during construction to answer questions and support the team.

Click here to go to the SidePlate YouTube page to view our informational videos on detailing and fabricating the SidePlate System.