Superior Project and Business Results

SidePlate understands that competition has never been stronger, budget and project schedules tighter or labor availability and skill scarcer…all putting pressure on project profitability and building results. SidePlate's patented steel frame connection systems deliver a more efficient design, often saving from 7-15%* on construction cost through less steel and reducing fabrication and erection time. Our design approach has been proven effective on over 550 steel projects throughout North America, saving tens of millions of dollars in construction costs. The result speaks for itself:

  • Buildings with more efficient connections and less structural steel tonnage
  • No field welding on most jobs, eliminating delays from welder availability and weld inspections
  • Lower project risk associated with connection design estimating, detailing, fabrication and erection
  • Buildings that are stronger and more resilient will sustain less damage in the event of a significant seismic, weather or terror event. 
  • Increased knowledge and competitiveness of our contracting clients as they are equipped with budget, schedule and innovative design alternatives to meet the owner’s needs.   

How does SidePlate work with You?

Design Build/Design-Assist: 

SidePlate engages with your Structural Engineer of Record (SEOR) during the design phase to understand the design intent and then we will develop a SidePlate design based on these parameters.

Step 1: Project files, including drawings, models and design criteria are emailed to your SidePlate Regional Engineer for review.

Step 2: Our engineering team will develop a SidePlate design for the project and provide documentation, including comparisons and schedules, within a few days.

Step 3: We work closely with your fabrication and erection partners with as needed phone and on-site support through the detailing and fabrication process.

Step 4: If desired, we will visit the fabricator and field during fabrication and construction.

SidePlate typically works closely with the Structural Engineer of Record (SEOR) to optimize, model and analyze the projects lateral load and steel connections. This can be particularly valuable when you are looking for value engineering (VE) options to present to the owner. Occasionally, we are brought projects that are late in the design phase or are already out to bid. When this occurs...

Step 1: Click here to contact your SidePlate Regional Engineer to see how we can help with your project. We work directly with the GC or through their fabrication partners to evaluate the project for conversion to a SidePlate design. 

Step 2: Our engineering team will develop a SidePlate design for the project and provide documentation, including comparisons and schedules, within a few days.

Step 3: If the team wishes to pursue this option, SidePlate will circle back with the SEOR to coordinate the changes, a process that typically takes about 1 week.

Step 4: We work closely with your fabrication and erection teams to successfully fabricate and install the steel frame connections. This is typically done through webinars, sharing of best practices and shop and field visits during fabrication and installation.

SidePlate is well-known and respected within the structural steel industry through their involvement with government and private testing, technical committees and code advancement initiatives. SidePlate designs have been tested and certified in the laboratory and proven through real-life experience. Specific certifications include DOD and GSA for blast resistance and progressive collapse, AISC 358, OSHPD, DSA and IAPMO. ct)

*While most projects see notable savings, we do not provide a guarantee on savings